ADA Aqua Soil-Africana Powder 9l

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Aqua Soil-Africana

Volume : 9L

Type : Powder

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Product description

Aqua Soil-Africana

Africana is substrate material produced with an image of reddish earth of Africa. Due to the nature of the base soil, the granular shape stays for a long period, and it also lowers pH level. Since the amount of organic matters is not as high as that of Amazonia, plants grow slowly in Africana soil.

  • Due to its porous structure holds fine particles floating in the water, making crystal clear water
  • It reduces the hardness of the water, creating ideal conditions for the growth of aquatic plants
  • Reduces Ph to an optimum level

Powder type is used for small size aquarium or for spreading lightly over the normal type substrate.

Volume : 9L

Type: Powder

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 30 x 10 x 60 cm


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