New Liquid Fertilizers from Aqua Design Amano in our shop


 New LED Lightning system — Solar RGB

We are very excited to announce that the long anticipated launch of our newest LED lighting system, Solar RGB, is around the corner!  Having a different type of LED lighting than that of the AQUASKY series, Solar RGB is equipped with RGB LED lights, which make red and green colors of aquatic plants look more brightly and efficiently…. read more →


Effective Filter Installation

Super Jet Filter is an external filter developed specifically for Nature Aquarium. It has distinctive features that cannot be found in other external filters – a simple structure made of stainless steel and outstanding durability. The Nature Aquarium Notes for this issue explains the effective installation method of Super Jet Filter…read more →



Effective Use of Power Sand

In Nature Aquarium, Power Sand is added under the Aqua Soil layer. This Power Sand has certain roles besides providing nutrients to the plants in the aquarium. Aquatic plants grow on the substrate composed of Amazonia only; however, the use of Power Sand helps make substrate more suitable for long-term maintenance of aquarium. Maximize the effects of Power Sand by ensuring proper application method…read more →